Why Talent Assessment?

Situational based interview questions may or may not determine a candidate’s response to adversity and challenges. Knowing a candidate’s background and personality can determine how a person will respond to adversity, challenges, employee interactions, and praise.

Typical interview questions assess skill-based competencies. Talent assessment analyses behavioral and personality competencies in alliance with skill set. Obtaining the full picture of a candidate, their motivations, personality characteristics, and environmental factors can determine dependability, work ethic, and retention within the company.

Talent assessment will be done in-person, analyzing responses, reactions, and body language of candidates to determine the most accurate recommendation. In-person also provides the talent assessor to observe the organizational environment and current staff the candidate will be placed among.

The culture of an organization is an important component to consider when hiring a new candidate. Knowing a candidate will gracefully join an organization can determine retainability.

Talent assessors have a unique ability to establish trusting relationships quickly to determine desires and motives of candidates. Knowing a candidate on a more intuitive level can give insight to factors that may be over-looked in a typical interviewing process.